Dirt Face

Dirt Face

Thursday, February 28, 2013

Who needs bathroom drapes anyways?

Dear WestJet Vacations,

I have noticed your underlying hatred and displeasure toward happy people vacationing. I have also noticed that somehow you have a reputation for helping folks have a kick-ass time all around the world. Apparently they all had drapes in their bathroom.

I am curious if the hotel's fantastic beach-side "upgrade" to the room with no bathroom drapes was indeed a hi-jinx for the hotel's pleasure and amusement. The bathroom, other than having a beach-front view of my booty was  luxurious with fantastic mosaic-tile.

From my correspondence with Westjet customer service, I longed for someone to speak to the hotel. To ensure that no one else would get upgraded to a similar room with no drapes. Also perhaps, an apology.

Instead, the only reasonable outcome would be for them to insist I am a liar. And the bathroom was in fact not requiring drapes as the windows were one-way. This is very interesting, as I recall seeing through them myself. With my eyes. As well, what I can assume was other people's eyes. On me.

As a consolation, at least there are drapes now on said window. Although we did have to wait until half-way through our vacation. But, who needs drapes anyways when you have magic one-way, then two-way, then one-way-again windows?

Your truly,
Nude mother of 3

P.S. Other than that, it was a most wonderful vacation away from constant poop and vomit. And I highly recommend it.

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