Dirt Face

Dirt Face

Saturday, February 2, 2013

Valentine's Day Prep

Every reason to celebrate at our house is a good reason! This year for Valentine's day, we made our own Valentine's day cards. 

3- 12"x 12" red and pink paper
Assortment of stickers

I cut the paper into same-sized cards and let him colour and sticker them to his heart's desire. 

I decided  to make then this year because my oldest son is 5 and loves doing crafts. Another reason is that we like to keep things like this for keepsakes or to put into his scrapbook. Secretly I am hoping some other parents will help their little ones to make their valentines because I would love to keep some things this year from some of his wonderful school friends.

Some other Valentines ideas are:

We like to decorate our house with hand-made felt hearts, make pink drinks and cookies and have ourselves a family Valentine's day party!

We also find heart-shaped pasta and have that for dinner.

The kids love it...and really so do I :)

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