Dirt Face

Dirt Face

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

The Mimicking 4/5 Year Old

Hello. I am almost 5 years old and I copy every behavior I see. Especially if it's mal-adaptive, angry, or volatile. What's that you say? I live with another spirited child, perhaps a teenager? Well, that sounds fantastic.

Sometimes my spirited sibling yells. It's quite interesting. A lot of things I don't understand. One day I know I will know what those things mean and figure the whole world out.

Today she slammed her door. That did sound scary at first, then I thought, "Hey, I could do that!" And so I did. It's a difficult habit to break. The sound...people's reactions...I really like getting out all my frustration really fast.

Here are some things my parents do to help me not do those things:
1) Try to create space between me and the other person. Sometimes they tell me to go to my room. I know why because they have told me about this before. I just play in there or sometimes listen to what's happening.
2) Talk to me calmly when the emotion tornado has calmed.
3) Let me cry a few minutes if I need to then sit with me on the floor until I feel better.
4) Have a snack together. Sometimes the worry upsets my stomach and it helps to have a glass of milk and crackers.
5) I like when my parents remind me of how it's not my fault and tell me when I am doing something they like. Like talk with my nice words or share nice with my baby brother. It helps me to know that things will be okay and people can go back to "normal". Whatever that means anyways.

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