Dirt Face

Dirt Face

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Ode To Attachment Parenting Part 2

I really couldn't be done,
'Cause it was just getting fun.
We just had to have another installment of attachment parenting...

We take the time to listen,
And watch their eyes glisten,
Because their only this precious once and we really want to enjoy it.

Or maybe it's our way,
Of getting through another spirited day?
There are sure a lot of us with this type of little one!

Let's be frank,
We just don't spank.
Because who wants to get hit anyways?

We comfort when they're sad,
And coach them when they're "bad,"
Although I prefer to call it "challenging!"

We promote expression of need,
And encourage our baby to lead.
Since they sure do have a lot to share with us.

Unless they want to nurse 15 times a night,
After 12 months that sure becomes a fright,
No baby needs to have one sip of milk that often do they?!

In the end,
The rigidity needs to bend,
So families can eat, sleep and wake happy.

And in time,
We all find,
That the sweetness and cuddling was worth it.

So, if your child happens to be unique,
And you feel your brain begin to leak,
You may want to try attachment parenting!

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