Dirt Face

Dirt Face

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Ode To Attachment Minded Families

Attachment-style families are all unique,
I hope that got your attention peaked.
We don't all breastfeed until our child is four,
But we do strive for emotionally, more.
We think and talk about what's best for our child.
"Did you know goat milk is very mild?"- no I didn't, maybe that's the answer I've been looking for!

Taking time to explain to them is always a must,
Because for us, it's about building trust.
Sometimes we sleep in the SAME bed,
And we're okay if that fills some with dread.-You know it's natural in most parts of the world!

To us, babywearing is not just a fad,
I encourage it for everyone, even dads.
Bonding is not supposed to be scary,
It's just life, but with whip cream and a cherry.
We aim for closeness and understanding,
So they can fall in life without a bumpy landing- and isn't that what all parents are trying to do?

To all those parents who strive for love and mutual care,
Attempting to make the world a calmer, more peaceful and fair.
Perfection not required; we just try our best,
The world may be judgmental at times, but the results are worth the test.

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