Dirt Face

Dirt Face

Thursday, January 10, 2013

Newborn Lullaby

Where do I start?
I kinda smell like fart,
So no one's quite sure when I've pooped myself.

Please don't take me to the mall,
Unless to display me like a doll,
Because we both know those pants wont fit you yet anyways.

You know I look like a troll,
And hope to turn into a mole,
So I can burrow my way back in there.

Dreaded cradle cap,
And I missed my third nap,
Oh boy mama, I think you're cranky! Oh no wait, that's me.

I think I need to nurse,
Please don't make it worse,
I'm going to squirm here until you stick it in here.

I know it's only been a little while,
But I'm working on a real good pile,
And besides the Doctor said I'm growing.

Did you really eat Thai food?
And don't think of getting in that mood,
You did it to yourself and you know it!

So, I'll cry here until dad gets home,
Or maybe you could put him on the phone?
I know he doesn't feed me...I like him anyways.

Don't burp me too hard,
Or I'll catch you off-guard,
My favorite is to aim that white paste at your face.

I seemed to have missed this time,
No problem, I do it on a dime,
Or I'll wait since I hear Grandma is coming over. And you wonder why she doesn't come over to babysit?

But you know? The first time I smiled, your heart skipped a beat,
And I put up with when you kiss my feet.
I'm squishy, that new baby smell,
I'm really a little angel that fell,
It's just going to take a few years of sleepless nights to see it.

I think a war irrupted in my diaper,
Did you know I'm a super-genius sniper?
I look asleep, and then I'll get you out the sides,
For the ultimate surprise.

Wait, I need to nurse once more,
And I'll sleep if you're a bore,
And I'll want to do this dance again in a half an hour.

In time, this will pass,
And then you'll think it was too fast;
You'll long for the days when you could hold me.

So for now,
You might as well allow,
Since I will wake you every hour irregardless.

Photo by Candace Lylyk

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