Dirt Face

Dirt Face

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Dear Hot Mama. 

Love, Big Papa.

(What I hope my love would write to me...)

It's been a while,
Since we had style,
But you're still one hot mama.

It's more than the way you look,
Or that's it's always your turn to cook,
But that sure does help the situation.

I'm not even sure how I could repay,
Well, I don't mind that you wear yoga pants all day,
And I guess that's a start.

You take care,
Even though things aren't fair,
And they will never be 50/50 (though I may say they are).

Since I never put away my bowl,
Or change the toilet roll,
And can't seem to find the laundry hamper.
Where did that thing go...?

You let me get drunk,
and love me  if I smell like a skunk,
And you're really an angel for it.

At the end of the day,
I'm not sure what to say.
I'm really lucky to have you.

I can't get service in line,
While the clerk thinks you're fine.
And I don't think you should go back there.

So give me a wink,
Even though at times I'm a dink,
And I'll love you forever for it.

Plus I watched those babies born from down yonder.
Just saying.

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