Dirt Face

Dirt Face

Saturday, January 5, 2013

A Four Year Old Boy

Sweetness and light, and oh so bright,
I want to squeeze you and hug you with all of my might!
It's like your 8 and sometimes 2,
I constantly wonder how you're covered in goo.

You still have a stuffy,
It's just no longer fluffy.
You throw toys at my face,
And have no sense of personal space.

We roll and giggle on the floor,
You really want to join me at the store? ---  Sure!
Don't forget to shut your door.
...and this is what a drain is for...
I'm not sure why there is all that hair in there.
Please can you treat your brother with care?
He will be bigger than you one day,
So don't hit him like that, or you'll pay.

You're tough and strong and never get hurt---except when you do, then watch out!
I see your dad shared with you how to be curt.
Don't you know words can hurt?
Will you PLEASE put on your shirt?!
You run around 'til you almost pass out,
You're a "big kid" now, but can still pout.

Watching you play is such a blast,
"Time for PJs!" and you run so fast.
"You know.." and "it's green,"
I know exactly what you mean.

You pee everywhere, even on the wall,
You want the phone no matter the call.
Your favorite puzzle for the hundredth time,
I can still kiss your booboo and it's totally fine.

You still prefer dad,
Which makes me so mad,
Because I'm better you know?!
Even though my bags hang low....
And they wobble, to and fro.

Let's read that book again,
To rid your mind of your best-friend,
Who CANNOT come over 3 times a day,
There must be another way!

No, there won't be just candy for lunch.
Now, eat your carrots with a big crunch.
I'm the mountain that you climb,
looking forward to bedtime--- I'm exhausted!

You're just so great to be around,
No mama does not like that sound (click click click...what is that??).
The sweetness you share,
Makes us quite a pair,
All because you came to be mine,
When the stars aligned.
And now you're four.

Dylan with his Best Bud at the Park.

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