Dirt Face

Dirt Face

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

What Are The BEST Holiday Traditions?

Anything that has to do with grandmothers!

When living with my grandma Pat, I learned you could make anything into Christmas. Want to decorate your house plants? SURE! Want to make a ginger bread house from scratch and then let a 4 year old decorate it with 25 different kinds of candy...then eat it right away? SURE! In her house it was about the kids. And Fun. She taught me that no matter how difficult your life is every other day of the year, Christmas could be a blast.

My grandmother Hermina is old school Holland. She brought me to all types of fancy holiday parties, gave me all kinds of terrible tasting licorices, let me eat pate and all kinds of other disgusting things. Best of all, she made me feel like I was part of the action and the center of her world. 

My grandmothers treated me like an angel (even though I wasn't ! I was what you'd call spirited...), all the while teaching me about the importance of FAMILY during the holidays.

My husband and I have tried to make our own family traditions while incorporating what generations before us have shared. All the while trying to take 5 seconds for ourselves, which is not easy with 3 kids (sometimes you just want to go to the bathroom by yourself!).

Decorate the tree--check! 

I like to do themes each year. This year is blue and silver...my 16 months old thinks those are the tastiest colours. And I agree.

Wrap gifts in cloth and fancy ribbon---check!

Norwex cloths, pillow cases painted by my 4 year old, a sarong, tea towels...whatever I get can my hands on! I know, way to be environmentally friendly right?!

Cookies with the kids---check!

My 4 year old is amazing with cookies, and anything creative. His favorite part---devouring them! Dairy-free (Earth Balance) margarine and natural and delicious (Enjoy Life!) chocolate chips make them tummy-friendly. And what's that in the background? The cutest baby ever eating those cookies!

Silly Poem...?

Lastly, for the last 4 years I do a silly poem about all that's new about our family, then add it as part of the Christmas card. I do this so that our precious friends and family do not feel awkward when they get a blank card with a single signed name at the bottom. Then they're not even sure if we meant to send then a card or perhaps we had an extra card laying around the house which hadn't yet been soiled with children, then wrote their name on it in a hurry. 

Here is the 2012 version:

What a Year for the Taylor Family in 2012!

Suddenly Liam is almost a year and a half,
Still as sweet as ever and sure makes us laugh,
Dylan launched into pre-school this year,
He loves ninja turtles, to shovel the snow and so much more- it's not entirely clear.
Hayley is thirteen already!
Volunteering and helping the community- smooth and steady.

Mike is finishing his certificate program at school,
And to Angela and the family this is especially cool!
Angela got her wish- she stays at home,
Selling Epicure part-time; using other brands of spices is not something she can condone...
So if you need some please call or email at your convenience. J

It seems the Taylor family is as busy as ever.
In fact, June 2013 we will begin another endeavor.
Building and moving into a bigger home,
We have hopes and dreams so far unknown. Merry Christmas!

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