Dirt Face

Dirt Face

Monday, December 17, 2012

Do You Want a Really Good Deal? 

Epicure Selections is signing up new consultant for only $125 ($50 off the regular price) and you get all the items in the photo (subject to some change due to season availability). **For a limited time only! 

Find me at http://angelataylor.myepicure.com/ to sign up

APX $500++ of product, discounts off of future orders and potential income.

Become a Consultant

As a leading 100% Canadian, women-led, community-minded company, Epicure is passionate about creating business opportunities to make ‘the good life’ easier – and more flavourful – for Canadians.

Q. How much money can I earn?
A. From the start, you’ll earn 25% on everything you sell. When you sell over $2000 in a month, you’ll earn 28% (regular commission plus a 3% bonus)! You’ll take home an average income* of $101 for every Party you do. You choose your income – by choosing how much to “work” your business. You control how much you earn! An average of 1 Party per week means you can earn an average* of more than over $500 extra each month!
                                                           *Average Party Sales calculated throughout 2011.

$2,000$560 (includes 3%)

Q. How much time will my Epicure business take?
A. On average, a Tasting Party takes 2-3 hours from start to finish. You can do as many Parties in a month as you want! The choice is yours. Work your business around your family’s time and needs!

Q. Besides the income potential, what will my Epicure business bring me?
A. Many Consultants launch an Epicure business for what it buys them in life!
  • Flexibility and family time
  • Self-confidence and recognition
  • Career Path Rewards on top of your earnings – from jewellery to lifestyle bonuses to luxurious, all-expense-paid vacations – just for making a success of your business with our support!
  • Annual National Conference – an amazing weekend away with your peers for networking, business tips, a ton of fun with the Home Team, and fantastic SWAG!
  • A network of friends all across Canada, and connections and lifelong friendships from your Parties
  • Opportunities to give back and make a difference with company-sponsored community initiatives (yes, we care!)
  • FUN!
PLUS! Complete our Quick Start to Success (QSS) program and earn at least $75 in cash bonuses, $325 in free Epicure products and business tools, and recognition at our annual National Conference.

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