Dirt Face

Dirt Face

Friday, December 21, 2012

Okay I'm Saying It...It's Not Easy Being A Mom! 

I know that as moms we are supposed to say we LOVE to stay at home more than anything. Or that we LOVE to work full-time and still do it all at home. Smiling. Always. Calm. That there is nothing better than being a mom.

Don't get me wrong, I really love being a mom. Despite all the poop and boogers and crying. Oh and sleep..I really miss sleep. I wouldn't be me without my beautiful precious kiddos. 

Yet, with all the ideals and the fact that us moms don't really talk about the frustration or our short-comings, it leaves us all to wonder: 

Am I the only mom who ever feels frustrated then my 4 year old pees all over the bathroom from playing "NO HANDS!"?

Would judgmental strangers in Mexico, make me feel worse than the look my children give me when I burnt their toast at breakfast? ("The toaster oven is broken, thank you!")

OR How many weeks can I go without family support, before I am look longingly at random grandparents at the park sporting 3 grandchildren like it's the easiest thing in the world? 
The kids are all "oh thank you grandma for those delicious gluten-free cookies you made me" and "no it's okay, let me help my brother! You already took the summer off to play with us." All the while my boys are having their own world war 3 melt-down and are sprawled out like octopuses face-down in the mud. I think we missed snack time...

And, why does the kitchen always look like I'm trying to do an art exhibit called "Left to die"? Or maybe that's what happens when everyone leaves dishes out for that long...they have babies?

I just want to wash my hands without a baby in between my legs trying to pull down my pants.
I want to make myself a sandwich without having to share it with several smaller versions of myself.
I want to go out with other adults and not feel like people are looking at me like I'm Casey Anthony. "OMG she's out until midnight...her poor children." They have another parent you know...who is diligently staring at them while they sleep. Creepy and effective.

Is there really no amount of "momming" that is ever good enough?

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