Dirt Face

Dirt Face

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Dear Canadian Health Care System,

I am very sorry to hear you are struggling this time a year (and always). I just spent over seven hours at Misericordia Hospital for some Urgent Care. I decided to seek medical intervention after a middle aged man in a 2-ton truck hit my car from behind, while I was stopped at a red light. Your nurses are grumpy and sad and appear to long for any other type of employment. They did not seem able to perform their duties; ie using their "nice words" or making eye contact.

Perhaps you are under-staffed? Or perhaps they prefer to chat and laugh about "Festivus" or long line-ups at Ikea for 25 minutes while a lady vomits beside the area where I wait? My favorite moment was when the Doctor left the room without telling me what was wrong or what to do and the nurse came in with random meds.

P.S. I hope the vomit was not too cumbersome to clean up.

All the Best,

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